The Creation of Sarah's Stars


     Sarah Schmidt Baker, daughter of Dan and Becky Schmidt,  passed away on June 7, 2018. At the age of 13, Sarah was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  She never let this stop her from participating in life. Sarah lived 44 years and 360 days and lived more in those years than most people who grow old. She was active in basketball, cycling, tennis, show choir, and many other activities.  She graduated from Indiana University and received her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Indianapolis. Sarah loved her community, yet had the desire to travel and live in a big city.  Along the way, she always found time to be kind, help others, and appreciate her surroundings.  She noticed everything, took it in, and felt life. It wasn’t unusual for Sarah to call home and say, “I’m rollerblading across the Brooklyn Bridge and the views are fantastic!”               

     While in NYC, she volunteered at God’s Love, worked as a therapist for children with developmental delays, autism and brain injuries.  Living in New York City opened the door for a myriad of experiences. She loved people, food, museums, plays and LIFE! Sarah saw good in almost everyone she met. She knew pain and she wanted to reach out to those suffering physically or mentally.

After Sarah died, the family received cards, messages, and gifts from people all over the country.  Many lives were touched by Sarah’s kindness and concern. Memorials for Sarah were donated to TLC Preschool where Sarah’s children attend.  To honor Sarah, TLC Preschool has started a program called Sarah’s Stars.  The program is being offered on Fridays as an extended day full of enrichment with a focus on the arts. 




First Sarah's Stars Outing: The students created yarn items with Molly Grimm from Wool & Cottage and then took their creations to "yarn bomb" Auburn. 


 null                                                  Creating clay art that will be painted later



Painting pictures to be showcased on May 17th


These are the upcoming events for our preschoolers currently enrolled in this amazing program


May 3: Art in the Park at Greenhurst Commons

May 10 at 10 am: Field Trip to Fort Wayne Art Museum

May 17 at 12:00:  Children’s Art Showcase and Production